Moussaka in Lusaka

by Brice Catherin



The night after I recorded this album, I had a dream I was on holidays in Huddersfield with Ju., except Huddersfield was really big and I couldn't recognise anything. When we left her house, our host made us pay £20 each for the internet, which we thought was rather outrageous. We were late for our train. We rushed to load the lift with our numerous bags, luggages, and my cello. When the lift reached the ground floor, the part of it that had our bags would not open anymore. By the time I found someone to open it, Ju. had disappeared with my cello and all the bags and luggages. I was left alone, with nowhere to go, no wallet and no instrument in an unknown, giant Huddersfield.

This is the volume 1 of my on-going collection "Zombie in Zambia".

Also, Brice Catherin wishes to thank Käthi Gohl Moser for her serendipitous master class on using rubber wires for tomato vines.


released March 26, 2020

Cello, recording, mastering: Brice Catherin.
(Single take album, no editing.)
Photo: Adèle Ratte (Lake District, England). The photographer insisted that I add she is "la plus belle et la plus douce créature au monde" (Ratte, A. (2020), Private Communication.)




Brice Catherin Geneva, Switzerland

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